The 'age of information' is behind us. As information has become ubiquitous, having access to knowledge no longer represents a main competitive advantage. 


Creativity is the current drive of high-value entrepreneurship and start-up development, while innovation is at the core of the creation of value.


Our approach to business harnesses creativity and boosts innovation to generate value. Thinking outside the box has become second nature to us... and we have been doing so for a while now.





  • Business development - GeoVictoria

    In 2006 GeoVictoria started developing their human resource management solution in Chile. Now they lead the market offering the most robust and flexible cloud-based tool to track assistance and manage small and large work-forces alike, saving customer several man-hours and significant amounts of money.

    In 2018, as GeoVictoria had already set foot in Peru, we had the opportunity to work with them and push the envelope another notch, as we led the way to introduce their solution to the largest human resource business in the region and begin a deployment process. 
  • Business development - Mining

    The largest industry in Peru is mining and the country ranks at the top of the charts producing copper, silver, gold and others.

    In 2019 we are leading a newly formed mining company to develop a socially and environmentally sound mineral extraction operation in the Peruvian Andes. 
  • Infrastructure development - Light housing for executives

    The Peruvian coast line extends for over 1,400 miles and several industrial compounds along the coast require personnel to constantly commute back and forth from Lima. In this context, adequate housing within an industrial compound would allow certain personnel to commute less if they could stay comfortably in the premises. 

    So we took the challenge and developed an affordable yet very attractive concept to implement custom housing units using light materials and modular construction techniques. Our first deployment is scheduled to occur during 2019.
  • Business development - Water sourcing

    Having one of the richest oceans in the world is of little significance towards the shortage of potable water along the Peruvian coast desert. That is unless high-efficiency water treatment technology is brought to bear.

    Presented with this challenge in Northern Peru, we partnered with one of the top water desalination companies worldwide to come up with a cost-effective solution to deliver up to 1,500 cubic meters of fresh water per day at a reasonable low cost.
  • Infrastructure development - Water storage

    Water has become a precious commodity in many places. Infrastructure to storage large amounts of water does not come cheap and require expensive structures.

    That is unless we get involved. We recommended a suitable water storage alternative: self supporting closed flexible tanks capable of holding hundreds of thousands of liters. 
  • Logistics - Frozen supply chain on demand

    Moving merchandise from point A to point B might be seem fairly simple. The difficulty comes when it needs to be done keeping the load under 20°C without having nothing to bring back to split the cost of the full journey. Well, we can handle that at very reasonable rates.





We would be glad to be contacted and be presented with a new challenge.