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High presicion advanced car parking solution featuring automated Japanese robotic technology within an optimized cylindrical layout.


Saves up to 60% of the parking space required by a traditional garage to accommodate the same number of cars. This is possible thanks to a much better utilization of the vertical space and the fact that ramps and circulation lanes are avoided.


It's simple...


120 cars... 1 structure... 20m x 20m @ 12 levels












Technology highlights:


  • Fully automated.
  • Redundant systems.
  • Cars handled by pallets.
  • Simultaneous pallet movement.

  • Average retrieval time: 1 min.

  • Proven Japanese technology.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Earthquake-proof.



Architectural and structural advantages:


  • Saves space increasing space availability for other uses that impact project profitability.
  • Becomes significantly important on projects with limited space or high parking demand.
  • Enhances security as access to the cars is restricted.
  • Flexible configuration below or above ground.
  • Attractive and modular structural design:


A cylindrical structure with a 20 meter radius allows 10 cars to be parked on each story. At its core, an automated robot capable of simultaneous movements drives a paletized system that handles the cars in an out.




1 Entry

2 Lobby

3 Exit

4 Robot


Stand alone


Mixed Use

Parking floors and office space combining 3 towers with glass exterior.

Two blended towers with a reflective glass exterior and a roof garden.

Glass exterior tower with advertising surfaces incorporated.

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